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Nonlinear dynamic behavior of viscoelastic sandwich composite plates under non-uniform blast load: Theory and experiment

Demet Balkan
Organization: Istanbul Technical University
Department: Department of Astronautical Engineering
Zahit Mecitoglu
Journal / Anthology

International Journal of Impact Engineering
Year: 2014
Volume: 72
Page range: 85e104

In this paper, the dynamic behavior of a viscoelastic sandwich composite plate subjected to the nonuniform blast load is investigated. The theoretical and experimental study is carried out. The plate examined has carbon/epoxy face sheets and an aramid honeycomb core. In the theoretical study, the sandwich plate is modeled using first order shear deformation theory. Because of the large deformations which occurred after the blast load in some tests, geometrical nonlinearities are considered in the derivations. The shear and large deflection effects are considered. The equations of motion are derived by the use of virtual work principle for the sandwich plate. The clamped boundary conditions are considered for all edges of the plate. The viscoelastic properties of carbon/epoxy coupons and sandwich coupons are determined using Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer. The viscoelastic behavior is modeled by using the Kelvin-Voigt linear viscoelastic theory. The equations of motion are obtained in the time domain using Galerkin's method. The nonlinear coupled equation system is solved by Mathematica Software. A special experimental setup is used to obtain the blast pressure for the blast test. The experimental, theoretical and finite element analysis results are compared and the vibration characteristics, peak points, vibration frequencies are found to be in an agreement.