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Cyclic, Simple and Indecomposable Three-fold Triple Systems

Nabil Shalaby
Bradley Sheppard
Daniela Silvesan
Journal / Anthology

arXiv:1404.0528 [math.CO]
Year: 2014
Volume: April

In 2000, Rees and Shalaby constructed simple indecomposable two-fold cyclic triple systems for all v congruent to 0, 1, 3, 4, 7, and 9 (mod 12) where v = 4 or v>11, using Skolem-type sequences. We construct, using Skolem-type sequences, three-fold triple systems having the properties of being cyclic, simple, and indecomposable for all admissible orders v, with some possible exceptions for v = 9 and v = 24c + 57, where c >1 is a constant. To prove the simplicity we used a Mathematica computer program. We list in the Appendix the code and the results of the program.

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