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Kink-Like Wave and Compacton-Like Wave Solutions for a Two-Component Fornberg-Whitham Equation

Shaoyong Li
Organization: School of Mathematics and Information Sciences, Shaoguan University
Ming Song
Organization: Department of Mathematics, Shaoxing University
Journal / Anthology

Abstract and Applied Analysis
Year: 2014
Volume: 2014

Using bifurcation method and numerical simulation approach of dynamical systems, we study a two-component Fornberg- Whitham equation. Two types of bounded traveling wave solutions are found, that is, the kink-like wave and compacton-like wave solutions.The planar graphs of these solutions are simulated by using softwareMathematica; meanwhile, two new phenomena are revealed; that is, the periodic wave solution can become the kink-like wave or compacton-like wave solution under some conditions, respectively. Exact implicit or parameter expressions of these solutions are given.

*Applied Mathematics