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Peristaltic propulsion of generalized Burgers’ fluids through a non-uniform porous medium: A study of chyme dynamics through the diseased intestine

D. Tripathi
Organization: Department of Mathematics, National Institute of Technology Delhi
O. Anwar Bég
Organization: Gort Engovation Research
Journal / Anthology

Mathematical Biosciences
Year: 2014
Volume: 248
Page range: 67-77

A mathematical study of the peristaltic flow of complex rheological viscoelastic fluids using the generalized fractional Burgers’ model through a non-uniform channel is presented. This model is designed to study the movement of chyme and undigested chyme (biophysical waste materials) through the small intestine to the large intestine. To simulate blockages and impedance of debris generated by cell shedding, infections, adhesions on the wall and undigested material, a drag force porous media model is utilized. This effectively mimicks resistance to chyme percolation generated by solid matrix particles in the regime. The conduit geometry is mathematically simulated as a sinusoidal propagation with linear increment in shape of the bolus along the length of channel. A modified Darcy–Brinkman model is employed to simulate the generalized flows through isotropic, homogenous porous media, a simplified but physically robust approximation to actual clinical situations. To model the rheological properties of chyme, a viscoelastic Burgers’ fluid formulation is adopted. The governing equations are simplified by assuming long wavelength and low Reynolds number approximations. Numerical and approximate analytical solutions are obtained with two semi-numerical techniques, namely the homotopy perturbation method and the variational iteration method. Visualization of the results is achieved with Mathematica software. The influence of the dominant hydromechanical and geometric parameters such as fractional viscoelastic parameters, wave number, non-uniformity constant, permeability parameter, and material constants on the peristaltic flow characteristics are depicted graphically.

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