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Symbolic Calculations in Studying the Problem of Three Bodies with Variable Masses

Alexander N. Prokopenya
Organization: Brest State Technical University
M. Zh. Minglibayev
Organization: AlFarabi Kazakh National University
G. M. Mayemerova
Organization: AlFarabi Kazakh National University
Journal / Anthology

Programming and Computer Software
Year: 2014
Volume: 40
Issue: 2
Page range: 7985

The classical problem of three bodies with variable masses is considered in the case when the masses of all three bodies vary isotropically. Solutions to the equation of motion in terms of the osculating elements of the aperiodic quasiconical motion and the secular perturbations of the orbital elements of the system are examined. An algorithm for calculating the secular part of the perturbing functions and derivation of the differential equations determining the secular perturbations of the orbital elements are discussed. All the relevant symbolic calculations are carried out using the Mathematica computer algebra system.

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