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Geometric Algebra Enhanced Precompiler for C++, OpenCL and Mathematica’s OpenCLLink

Patrick Charrier
Organization: TU Darmstadt
Mariusz Klimek
Organization: TU Darmstadt
Christian Steinmetz
Organization: TU Darmstadt
Dietmar Hildenbrand
Organization: TU Darmstadt
Journal / Anthology

Advances in Applied Cliff ord Algebras
Year: 2014
Volume: 24
Page range: 613–630

The focus of this work is a simplified integration of algorithms expressed in Geometric Algebra (GA) into modern high level computer languages, namely C++, OpenCL and CUDA. A high runtime performance in terms of GA is achieved using symbolic simplification and code generation by a precompiler that is directly integrated into CMake-based build toolchains. Finally, we demonstrate how to interface our technology with Mathematica’s OpenCLLink.

*Applied Mathematics
*Mathematics > Algebra

Geometric Algebra, Precompiler, C++, OpenCL, Mathematica, OpenCLLink