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Relativistic restricted three body problem with oblatness and photo-gravitational corrections to triangular equilibrium points

D. A. Katour
Organization: Tanta University
Department: Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science
F.A. Abd El-Salam
Organization: Cairo University
Department: Department of Astronomy
M. O. Shaker
Journal / Anthology

Astrophysics and Space Science
Year: 2014
Volume: 351
Page range: 143149

The photogravitational restricted three bodies within the framework of the post-Newtonian approximation is carried out. The mass of the primaries are assumed changed under the effect of continuous radiation process and oblateness effects of the two primaries. New perturbed locations of the triangular points are computed. In order to introduce a semi-analytical view, A Mathematica program is constructed so as to draw the locations of triangular points versus the whole range of the mass ratio μ taking into account the photo-gravitational effects, the relativistic corrections and/or oblateness effects. All the obtained figures are analyzed.

*Science > Physics > Astrophysics

Three body problem, Relativistic corrections, Photo-gravitational effects, Oblatness, Triangular points