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The Analytical Solution of Some Fractional Ordinary Differential Equations by the Sumudu Transform Method

Hasan Bulut
Organization: University of Firat
Department: Department of Mathematics
Haci Mehmet Baskonus
Organization: Tunceli University
Department: Department of Computer Engineering
Fethi Bin Muhammad Belgacem
Journal / Anthology

Abstract and Applied Analysis
Year: 2013

We introduce the rudiments of fractional calculus and the consequent applications of the Sumudu transform on fractional derivatives. Once this connection is firmly established in the general setting, we turn to the application of the Sumudu transform method (STM) to some interesting nonhomogeneous fractional ordinary differential equations (FODEs). Finally, we use the solutions to form two-dimensional (2D) graphs, by using the symbolic algebra package Mathematica Program 7.

*Mathematics > Calculus and Analysis