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The Research of Position Inverse Solution for 6-DOF Manipulator Based on Quaternion Algorithm

Zhichao Zhao
Shengqi Sun
Xuebin LI
Journal / Anthology

Applied Mechanics and Materials
Year: 2013
Volume: 336-338
Page range: 1109-1113

For the problem of 6-DOF serial manipulator position inverse solution, the paper proposed a new method for 6-DOF serial manipulator position inverse solution by introducing the quaternion algorithm. The relative pose transformation expression in quaternion coordinate system is proposed based on the transformation relationship between dual quaternion and double quaternion, based on which the closed equation of 6-DOF serial manipulator position inverse solution times in the form of double quaternion is established. For the obtained four position constraint equations, the Dixon resultant is constructed and a equation of 16 yuan is derived which is neither with increases root nor with the leak root. And this point is proved by the Mathematica practical calculations. The process of the method is simple. And it can not only avoid extraneous roots, but also overcome some singular position caused by the correlation equation in the process of trajectory planning, and further, the real-time performance of control process is improved.

*Engineering > Materials and Metallurgical Engineering
*Engineering > Mechanical and Structural Engineering

Quaternion, 6-DOF serial manipulator, Position inverse solution, Dixon resultant