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A Complete Solution to the Inverse Kinematics Problem for 4-DOF Manipulator Robot

Yang Si
Qingxuan Jia
Gang Chen
Hanxu Sun
Journal / Anthology

IEEE Proceedings o fthe 2013 IEEE 8th Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications (ICIEA)
Year: 2013
Page range: 1880-1884

A complete closed-form solution to the inverse kinematics problem for a 4-DOF manipulator robot is proposed. With the discussion of the existence of the offset and the distance between the axis of 1st joint and 2nd joint, all the possible solutions and singular configurations are presented. “Task attitude” is defined to describe the orientation of the end effector, which is convenient to solve the inverse kinematics problems in engineering. Finally, simulation of path-planning is performed, and the efficiency of the proposed method is verified through Mathematica.

*Engineering > Electrical Engineering