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A Mathematica interface to NNPDFs

Nathan P. Hartland
Organization: University of Edinburgh
Department: Tait Institute, School of Physics and Astronomy
Emanuele R. Nocera
Organization: Universit`a di Milano and INFN
Department: Dipartimento di Fisica
Journal / Anthology

Nuclear Physics B (Proc. Suppl.)
Year: 2013
Volume: 234
Page range: 54-57

We present a Mathematica interface for handling the parton distribution functions of the NNDPF Collaboration, available from the NNPDF hepforge website http://nnpdf.hepforge.org/. As a case study we briefly summarise the first PDF set which includes all relevant LHC data, NNPDF2.3, and demonstrate the use of our new Mathematica interface.

*Science > Physics
*Science > Physics > Nuclear and Particle Physics

Parton distribution functions, NNPDF, Mathematica