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Automation of Construction of Characteristic Curves in Impulse Control Problems for the Power Amplifier–Servomotor System. II. Energy Characteristics

A. V. Krivilev
Journal / Anthology

Journal of Computer and Systems Sciences International
Year: 2013
Volume: 52
Issue: 3
Page range: 458-467

An automated approach to deriving mathematical descriptions for the energy characteris tics for an arbitrary impulse control method for the power amplifier–servomotor electric drive system is developed. Analytical expressions for the energy characteristics for impulse modes and commuta tion methods are obtained based on the suggested approach, and an interactive application is devel oped. This application makes it possible to represent the contour plots of additional power losses in the speed–torque plane and their maximum values for the corresponding control method and impulse mode for the given motor parametes, supply voltage, and pulsewidth modulation period. Automation of the procedure of deriving mathematical expressions and the development of the interactive appli cation were carried out using the Mathematica system.

*Applied Mathematics > Computer Science