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An exact solution for transient wave propagation in an infinite layer under dynamic torsion

Dimitrios G. Pavlou
URL: http://www.uis.no/article.php?articleID=83337&categoryID=11199
Journal / Anthology

Mechanics Research Communications
Year: 2010
Volume: 37
Page range: 372–376

An analytic solution for an elastic layer under suddenly applied or pulse, torsional, ring-shaped, surface displacement is derived. The solution is based on application of double (Laplace–Hankel) integral transforms on governing equations and boundary conditions of elastic medium in the domain of time and space respectively. A transfer matrix is obtained correlating the Laplace–Hankel transformed displacements and stresses for two arbitrary planes of the elastic layer. Analytical inversion of Laplace transform is achieved leading to an exact solution for the displacements’ field on each plane.

*Science > Physics > Mechanics

Wave propagation, Pulse loading, Torsion, Transfer matrix, Step function, Dirac function