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Mathematica in the Classroom: New Tools for Exploring Precalculus and Differential Calculus

Ana C. Conceição
José C. Pereira
Cátia M. Silva
Cristina R. Simão
Journal / Anthology

Proceedings of the 1st National Conference on Symbolic Computation in Education and Research (CD-ROM), Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, April 2-3, 2012
Year: 2012

The main goal of this paper is to present some interactive tools, F-Tools, designed by us and implemented with the computer algebra system Mathematica, which we hope will improve the teaching-and-learning process by providing teachers and students alike with new ways to explore some of the main mathematical subjects, at the secondary and university levels, speci cally in the areas of precalculus and di erential calculus. We believe that these new tools are an important contribution to Mathematical Education, providing new ways for teaching and learning. We intend to make available several F-Tools, such as F-Linear, F-Quadratic, F-Exponential, F- Logarithm, and F-Trigonometric, at the Wolfram Demonstrations Project site.

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