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A symbolic computational method for a dynamic model of robot manipulators

S. E. Zaharia
V. Filip
Journal / Anthology

Developments in Engineering Computational Technology. Fifth International Conference on Computational Structures Technology and the Second International Conference on Engineering Computational Technology.
Year: 2000
Page range: 51-55

This paper proposes a computational method for solving the dynamic equations of motion of manipulator-robots, using the integration methods. The proposed algorithm is conceived using Mathematica software, which allows the integration of differential system equations by his functions, assuring in this way the result correctness and a high computational speed. The software may be used for the 2-D or 3-D robots-manipulators which contain an open kinematics chain with rotation and translation joints. The software allows also for the calculation of the time-variation curves of the degrees of freedom, having as initial data the values of joints generalized forces, the mass and inertia of the robot elements, the inertia of the actuators and the initial conditions for joints coordinates and speeds.

*Engineering > Control Theory
*Engineering > Mechanical and Structural Engineering