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Aspects of warped AdS3/CFT2 correspondence

Bin Chen
Jia-Ju Zhang
Jian-Dong Zhang
De-Liang Zhong
Journal / Anthology

Journal of High Energy Physics
Year: 2013
Volume: 55

In this paper we apply the thermodynamics method to investigate the holographic pictures for the BTZ black hole, the spacelike and the null warped black holes in three-dimensional topologically massive gravity (TMG) and new massive gravity (NMG). Even though there are higher derivative terms in these theories, the thermodynamics method is still effective. It gives consistent results with the ones obtained by using asymptotical symmetry group (ASG) analysis. In doing the ASG analysis we develop a brute-force realization of the Barnich-Brandt-Compere formalism with Mathematica code, which also allows us to calculate the masses and the angular momenta of the black holes. In particular, we propose the warped AdS3/CFT2 correspondence in the new massive gravity, which states that quantum gravity in the warped spacetime could holographically dual to a two-dimensional CFT with cR = cL = 24 Gmβ2√2(21−4β2) .

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