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Measurement feedback disturbance decoupling in discrete-time nonlinear systems

Arvo Kaldmäe
Ülle Kotta
Organization: Tallinn University of Technology
Department: Institute of Cybernetics
Alexey Ye. Shumskyb
Alexey N. Zhirabok
Journal / Anthology

Year: 2013
Volume: 49
Page range: 2887-2891

The paper studies the disturbance decoupling problem by the dynamic measurement feedback for discrete-time nonlinear control systems. To address the problem the algebraic approach, called the algebra of functions, is applied, which allows the system description also depend on non-differentiable functions. A necessary and sufficient condition is given in terms of controlled and (h, f )-invariant functions. Also, algorithms are derived, which find invariant functions and the required feedback. The algorithms are implemented in Mathematica software which is made available over the internet.

*Mathematics > Algebra