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Analytical Particular Solutions of Multiquadrics Associated with Polyharmonic Operators

Chia-Cheng Tsai
Journal / Anthology

Mathematical Problems in Engineering
Year: 2013
Volume: 2013

We derive two- and three-dimensional analytical particular solutions of multiquadrics (MQ) associated with the polyharmonic operators, named as the polyharmonic multiquadrics (PMQs). The methods of undetermined coefficients are constructed by observing the first few orders of the PMQs which are obtained by the symbolic software, Mathematica. By expanding the PMQs into the Laurent series, the unknown coefficients of the PMQs can be determined.The homogeneous parts of the PMQs are suitably arranged so that the PMQs are hierarchically unique and infinitely differentiable. Mathematica codes are provided for obtaining the PMQs of arbitrary orders. The derived PMQs are validated by numerical solutions for Poissonís equation. Numerical results indicate that the solutions obtained by the PMQs are more accurate than those by the MQ.