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CCTT-Core Split-Winding Integrated Magnetic for High-Power DC–DC Converters

Kevin J. Hartnett
John G. Hayes
Michael G. Egan
Marek S. Rylko
Journal / Anthology

Year: 2013
Volume: 28
Issue: 11
Page range: 4970-4984

A novel CCTT-core split-winding integrated magnetic (IM) structure is presented in this paper. The IM device is optimized for use in high-power dc–dc converters. The IM structure uses a split-winding configuration which allows for the reduction of external leakage inductance, which is a problem for many IM designs. Magnetic poles are incorporated to help shape and contain the leakage flux within the core window. Low-cost and lowpower loss ferrite is used which results in a very efficient design. An IM reluctance model is developed which uses fringing equations to develop a more accurate design. An IMdesign algorithm is developed and implemented in Mathematica for design and optimization. FEA and experimental results from a 72 kW, (155-V dc, 465-A dc input, and 420-V dc output) prototype validate the new IM concept. The 72 kW CCTT- core IM was shown to be 99.7% efficient at full load.

*Engineering > Electrical Engineering

Coupled inductor, dc–dc Converter, integrated, magnetic, magnetic design.