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Application of a cellular automaton for the evolution of etched nuclear tracks

Leonardo de la Cruz-Trujillo
C. Hernández-Hernández
C. Vázquez-López
B.E. Zendejas-Leal
I. Golzarri
G. Espinosa
Journal / Anthology

Radiation Measurements
Year: 2013
Volume: 50
Page range: 201-206

In the present work, it is demonstrated the first application of cellular automata to the growing of etched nuclear tracks. The simplest case in which conical etched tracks are gradually formed is presented, as well as a general case of time varying etching rate Vt. It is demonstrated that the cellular automata elements consist in an image pattern of the latent nuclear track input cells, 16 rules for updating states, the Moore neighborhood and an algorithm of four states.

*Applied Mathematics > Complex Systems