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A Blending Problem in Copper Production

Ivan M. Jovanovic
Predrag S. Stanimirovic
Organization: University of Nis
Department: Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science
Journal / Anthology

Environ Model Assess
Year: 2012
Volume: 17
Page range: 495503

Well-known mathematical models related to blending problem are extended and adjusted to the specific blending problem in copper production. Certain constraints are deduced from the process of making copper as well as from the ecological aspects of the production process. The models are applied to the production experience at the copper-smelting plant RTB Bor. The implementation of introduced models was made in the programming package MATHEMATICA. Numerical results corresponding to the introduced mathematical model were compared with results obtained by implementing the classical mathematical models.

*Applied Mathematics

Blending problem, Copper concentrate, Batch optimization