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Prediction and analytical description of the single laser track geometry in direct laser fabrication from process parameters and energy balance reasoning

H. El Cheikh
B. Courant
Organization: Laboratoire d'Application des Materiaux a la Mechanique
J.-Y. Hascoët
R. Guillén
Journal / Anthology

Journal of Materials Processing Technology
Year: 2012
Volume: 212
Page range: 1832-1839

Direct laser fabrication (DLF) is a process for the manufacture of functional parts directly from powder injected in a laser beam. Deposition of 316L stainless steel powder on a steel substrate is carried out using a 700 W fiber laser for one module. One problem for this process is the control of the building structure dimensions. In this study a mathematical model implemented in the software Mathematica 8© is used to predict the clad cross-section dimensions and obtain an analytical description of the clad geometry. We experimentally notice that the cross-section shape is a disk due to the surface tension forces. Analytical relationships are established between the radius and the center of the disk in one hand and the process parameters in the other hand. This way we show that we can reproduce the laser track geometry in all the area experimentally explored. A number of laser tracks are deposited using a varying process parameter combination in order to compare with our calculation results. This analytical description of the clad geometry could be used in order to improve the calculation quickness of the thermal field induced by the process.


Laser processing, Clad geometry, Coaxial laser cladding