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Dot Pattern Designing on Light Guide Plate of Backlight Module by the Method of Molecular Potential Energy

Min-Wu Kang
Kang-Xian Guo
Zuo-Lian Liu
Zhi-hai Zhang
Bin-Chen Chen
Rui-zhen Wang
Journal / Anthology

Journal of Dispay Technology
Year: 2010
Volume: 6
Issue: 5
Page range: 166-169

An approach for dot pattern designing on the light guide plate of backlight module is proposed in this paper. The proposed approach employs molecular potential energy model to generate random-dot patterns for light guide designed for backlight systems. The methods of developing dot patterns are various. We chose AutoCAD-VBA programme method for its visible interface. The algorithm can be divided into two steps: Firstly, an AutoCAD- VBA programme is compiled to generate random initial dot patterns, which contains 69 091 points. Secondly, a variable equilibrium distances system are found by the Mathematica software to fine tune distances among those points. At last, we have derived dot patterns which can satisfy the uniformity luminance requirement demanded by liquid-crystal displays, testing results show that the optical uniformity can reach 89.3%.