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The competition between the crack kinking away from the interface and crack propagation along the interface in elastic bicrystals

Ruzica R. Nikolic
Jelena M. Djokovic
Milan V. Micunovic
Journal / Anthology

International Journal of Fracture
Year: 2010
Volume: 164
Issue: 1
Page range: 73-83

The problem analyzed is of the crack kinking away from the interface between the two different anisotropic materials. The attention is concentrated on the initiation of the crack kinking and the condition that the length of the crack segment that is leaving the interface is small in comparison to the crack segment that remains along the interface. The emphasis is placed to the application of the fracture mechanics concept for the interfacial crack that propagates dynamically between the two orthotropic materials. The simulations and calculations were done by application of the Mathematica programming routine. The stress intensity factors and the energy release rate are obtained for the kinked crack, as functions of the corresponding values for the interfacial crack prior to kinking. The analysis was performed of the influence of anisotropy on the crack kinking versus crack propagating along the interface competition. Due to anisotropy the kinking is easier, i.e., it is easier for the crack to kink away from the interface into the “softer” of the twomaterials. The oscillatory index for the case of the dynamic crack growth along the interface between the two orthotropic materials increases with crack tip speed v and with increase of the difference in stiffnesses. The practical application of this analysis could be for the interface in the glued joints and protective coatings.