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Analytical and Numerical Models of Postbuckling of Orthotropic Symmetric Plates

Antonio Blazquez
Rafael Picon
Organization: Industrial Engineering School
Department: Department of Continuum Mechanics
Journal / Anthology

Journal of Engineering Mechanics- ASCE
Year: 2010
Volume: 136
Issue: 10
Page range: 1299-1308

Two analytical perturbation methods which give approximate solutions of postbuckling behavior of orthotropic simply supported plates are considered in this work: the method of Chandra and Raju and the method of Shen and Zhang. The reproduction of the algebraic developments of these methods by the Mathematica symbolic manipulator program has revealed that there are errors in the formulas included in the original paper by Chandra and Raju. After a revision and correction of these errors, the analytical results of both methods for a set of 23 orthotropic plates are compared, an excellent agreement being found for a wide range of values of geometrical and mechanical parameters in which many actual plates lie. A numerical simulation performed on a reduced sample of six plates using finite-element code ABAQUS has validated analytical results. The present work is intended as a first step in the investigation of the possibility of using reliable analytical formulas in the design of composite plates.