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Static analysis of tapered FRP transmission poles using finite element method

B. Saboori
S.M.R. Khalili
Journal / Anthology

Finite Elements in Analysis and Design
Volume: 47
Issue: 3
Page range: 247-255

This paper deals with linear static analysis of tapered FRP(fibre-reinforced polymers)transmission poles with circular thin-walled cross-section using a second order shell element and first order shear deformation theory(FSDT).The cross-section is treated as a generally orthotropic laminate. Typical poles are analyzed using a provided computer code by MATHEMATICA program. The results obtained by presented numerical modeling are verified through comparing to analytical results or those obtained from ANSYS11.0 commercial finite element program. The effects of various parameters such as fibre orientation and type,fibre volume fraction,number of layers and geometry on the behavior of tapered FRP transmission poles are investigated.