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Model of the Compressing Process of a One- and Two-Side Fastened Connector of a 3D Distance Knitted Fabric

Bogdan Supeł
Zbigniew Mikołajczyk
Journal / Anthology

Fibres & Textiles in Eastern Europe
Year: 2008
Volume: 16
Issue: 6
Page range: 44-48

A model of the compressing process of a 3D distance knitted fabric was related to a single connector fastened on one side by an articulated joint, as well as fastened on both sides by fixed joints, considering the connector as a slender rod with an assumed shape. The compressing of an elastic rod in the physical and mathematical models was based on assumptions considering the morphology of the knitted fabric as well as the mechanical properties of threads – monofilaments placed in the internal layer of the knitted fabric. Calculation methods and algorithms were developed for the determination of the functional dependencies between the force compressing the knitted fabric and deflection, as well as the description of the curves representing the shape of the compressed rod. A computer simulation of compressing the rod, which connects both outside layers of the knitted fabric, was carried out with the use of the ‘Mathematica’ program, taking into consideration the variable parameters of the model. The considerations carried out in this article are significantly based on our previous publication, and therefore the assumptions of the physical model and detailed descriptions of the analysis are not included.