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Chapman-Enskog solutions to arbitrary order in Sonine polynomials II: Viscosity in a binary, rigid-sphere, gas mixture

E. L. Tipton
R. V. Tompson
S. K. Loyalka
Journal / Anthology

Year: 2009
Volume: 28
Issue: 3
Page range: 335-352

The Chapman-Enskog solutions of the Boltzmann equations provide a basis for the computation of important transport coefficients for both simple gases and gas mixtures. These coefficients include the viscosity, the thermal conductivity, and the diffusion coefficient. In a preceding paper (1), for simple, rigid-sphere gases (i.e. single-component, monatomic gases) we have shown that the use of higher-order Sonine polynomial expansions enables one to obtain results of arbitrary precision that are error free. It is our purpose in this paper to report the results of our investigation of relatively high-order. standard, Sonine polynomial expansions for the viscosity-related Chapman-Enskog solutions for binary gas mixtures of rigid-sphere molecules. We note that in this work we have retained the full dependence of the solution on the molecular masses, the molecular sizes, the mole fractions, and the intermolecular potential model via the omega integrals. For rigid-sphere gases, all of the relevant omega integrals needed for these solutions are analytically evaluated and, thus, results to any desired precision can be obtained. The values of viscosity obtained using Sonine polynomial expansions for the Chapman-Enskog solutions converge monotonically from below and, therefore. the exact viscosity solution to a given degree of convergence can be determined with certainty by expanding to sufficiently high an order. We have used Mathematica (R) for its versatility in permitting both symbolic and high precision computations. Our results also establish confidence in the results reported recently by other authors Who used direct numerical techniques to solve the relevant Chapman-Enskog equations. While in all of the direct numerical methods more-or-less full calculations need to be carried out with each variation in molecular parameters, our work utilizes explicit, general expressions for the necessary matrix elements that retain the complete parametric dependence of the problem and, thus, only a matrix inversion at the final step is needed as a parameter is varied. This work also indicates how similar results may be obtained for more realistic intermolecular potential models and how other gas-mixture problems may also be addressed with some additional effort.

*Science > Physics > Nuclear and Particle Physics

Rarefied gas dynamics, Kinetic theory of gases, Boltzmann equation, Chapman-Enskog solutions, Sonine polynomials, Rigid-sphere gas, Binary gas mixture, Viscosity, Bracket integrals, Omega integrals