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Descriptor Systems Toolbox : A Mathematica-Based Package for Descriptor Systems

A. I. Vardulakis
N. P. Larakpetakis
E. Antoniou
S. Vologiannidis
Journal / Anthology

2008 IEEE Multi-conference on Systems and Control
Year: 2008

Descriptor System Package has been used in this article.

It is well known that descriptor systems or generalized state-space systems are the natural framework for the study of physical, electrical mechanical, interconnected, economical and social systems. Although a number of software packages has been developed for state-space systems, which is can be seen as special case of descriptor systems, there are only few for descriptor systems. In this paper we present an efficient and reliable Mathematica software package for descriptor systems that can be used both for teaching and research in the field of control theory. The proposed package is fully compatible with the Control System Professional Suite of Wolfram Research Inc. and is intended to be an add-on for the Control System Professional Suite in the near future. This package has been created in collaboration with Wolfram Research Inc. and Zenon S.A. under a grant from the General Secreteriat for Research and Technology of Greece.

*Engineering > Control Theory

Symbolic methods, Computational methods, Computer-aided control design