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L'analyse des paramètres de performances du sport de lancement du disque Analysis of the performance parameters of the discus throw

A. Rouboa
A. Silva
Journal / Anthology

Science and Sports
Year: 2007
Volume: 22
Issue: 1
Page range: 14-19


In the present paper main parameters of the discus throw has been performed as function of the wind velocity the release velocity and the release angle.

Current knowledge

The performance of the discus throw depends on athlete performance as well as environment. Recently biomechanic researchers worked on the usefulness of the wind during the discus throw. Two theories were revealed: the range of the discus throw can be higher if the throwing was in the same direction of the wind and the second theory suppose that the discus, regarding its aerodynamic profiles, can be considered as airplane wing. To achieve this study, first describe the movement of the discus during the flight taking into account the wind velocity, the initial velocity when the discus is thrown, the release angle and the incline angle of the discus. Equations of the movement has been described for each axis (Ox, Oy) and solved using numerical code (Mathematica 5®) with failure around 5%. The results were presented for angles between 0 and 70° and for speeds, with average performance, 25 m/s, high performance, 27 m/s, and with exceptional performance, 30 m/s, the wind velocity of the environment is supposed equal to 10 m/s and is in the opposite direction of the discus throw.


Results show that the height of the throw increase with the release angle and the optimum angle to throw the discus is around 34° for this environment conditions.

*Engineering > Mechanical and Structural Engineering

Discus Throw, Numerical methods, Aerodynamics