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Probing low energy neutrino backgrounds with neutrino capture on beta decaying nuclei

Alfred G. Cocco
Gianpiero Mangano
Marcello Messina
Journal / Anthology

Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics
Year: 2007

We study the interaction of low energy neutrinos on nuclei that spontaneously undergo beta decay showing that the product of the cross section and the neutrino velocity takes values as high as 1042 cm2 c for some specific nuclei that decay via allowed transitions. The absence of an energy threshold and the value of the cross section single out these processes as providing a promising though very demanding approach for future experiments aimed at a direct detection of low energy neutrino backgrounds such as the cosmological relic neutrinos.

*Science > Physics > Astrophysics

neutrino experiments, neutrino and gamma astronomy, cosmological neutrinos