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Symmetry notebooks of ordinary differential equations

A. V. Bocharov
Journal / Anthology

Mathematics with Vision: Proceedings of the First International Mathematica Symposium
Year: 1995
Page range: 61-70

The paper describes a project for creating an electronic reference source for ordinary differential equations based on Mathematica front-end and kernel functionality. Mathematica's DSolve[] function is a powerful symbolic solver for ordinary differential equations and systems of the same. While it is successfully used to solve specific ODEs arising in theory and applications, as of itself it gives no insight into the nature and internal structure of the problems it is solving. The purpose of the "Symmetry Notebooks" is to give a classification of the integrable ODEs and systems of same within the uniform platform of "symmetry". In addition to being a reference source the "Notebooks" are meant to be educational tools for teaching and studying the algebraic and geometric aspects of ordinary differential equations.

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