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Visual Electromagnetics Using Mathematica and HyperCard

R. Cole
D. Krull
M. Sweitzer
Journal / Anthology

IEEE International Symposium Digest 1990--Antennas and Propagation
Year: 1990
Volume: 4
Page range: 1671-1674

We are constructing modules on electromagnetics using Mathematica to generate the code and graphics and HyperCard to store the graphics in a mode that allows student interaction. Each module will cover an area in electromagnets, and consist of several HyperCard Stacks. Each of the stacks employs static or animated sequences and explanations, animated equations (equations where the dervation is animated), simulations and interactive questions to test a student's understanding. The stacks have a clear and uniform interface so the students will not get lost in the stack, and each button will have an unambiguous interpretation and provide feedback on its function. ... Eight stacks are nearing the beta-test phase in the following areas: (1) Potentials and Fields, (2) Flux, Circulation, and Flow, (3) AC Circuits, (4) Radiation. The eight stacks have gone through one classroom test phase with positive results from both the instructors and students.

*Science > Physics > Electromagnetism