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BIOESTIM: Software for Automatic Design of Estimators in Bioprocess Engineering

M. Farza
A. Chéruy
Journal / Anthology

Computer Applications in the Biosciences
Year: 1994
Volume: 10
Issue: 5
Page range: 477-488

This paper describes BIOESTIM, a software package devoted to on-line estimation in bioprocess engineering. BIOESTIM enables bioengineers automatically to design state and parameter estimators from a minimal knowledge of the process kinetics. Such estimators allow development of software sensors capable of coping with the lack of reliable instrumentation suited to real-time monitoring. The estimator building procedure through BIOESTIM starts up from a dynamical material balance model of the bioprocess. This model, supplied by the user, is next completed by other information with no requirements for numerical values: the user has only to specify available measurements, coupled reactions and the known yield coefficients. On the base of this knowledge, BIOESTIM proceeds to symbolic algebraic manipulations on the model in order to study estimation possibilities and check identifiability of yield coefficients. When the design of an estimator is possible, the corresponding equations are automatically generated. Moreover, these estimators are stored in a user-specified file which is automatically interfaced with a specialized simulation software including data treatment and numerical integration packages. Thus, the user can simulate the estimator performances under various operational conditions using available experimental measurements. A typical example dealing with microbial growth and biosynthesis reactions is given in order to illustrate the main functional capabilities of BIOESTIM. BIOESTIM has been designed and written in a modular fashion. The module dealing with estimators design makes use of symbolic computation; it is written in Mathematica and runs on every computer on which this language is available.

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