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Using Mathematica to Teach Process Units: A Distillation Case Study

Maria G. Rasteiro
Fernando P. Bernardo
Pedro M. Saraiva
Journal / Anthology

Chemical Engineering Education
Year: 2005
Volume: 2005
Issue: Spring
Page range: 116-123

The question addressed here is how to integrate computational tools, namely interactive general-purpose platforms, in the teaching of process units. Mathematica has been selected as a complementary tool to teach distillation processes, with the main objective of leading students to achieve a better understanding of the physical phenomena involved and thereafter design the corresponding equipment. This strategy has mutual benefits, allowing good understanding of the process units studied and, simultaneously, providing a perceptive way of learning how to use a computational platform to solve engineering problems. It is claimed that this methodology represents an improvement on the more traditional strategy of teaching process units and computational tools as separate courses.

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*Engineering > Chemical Engineering