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A CAI System Incorporated with Mathematica for Science and Engineering Students

Changqing Ding
Organization: Toyama University
Hiroyuki Hase
Organization: Toyama University
Masaaki Yoneda
Organization: Toyama University
Journal / Anthology

Proceedings of the International Conference on Computers in Education
Year: 2002
Volume: (ICCE'02)
Page range: 160-161

We have constructed a CAI system incorporated with Mathematica for science and engineering students. The advantages of this system are that (1) we can use variables in mathematical formulas so that different problems can be shown to the users, (2) we can use algebraic formulas, (3) the answer is automatically made by Mathematica using the given process to the answer, (4) various expressions of the answer are acceptable. In this paper, we give the design and implementation, the framework and the technical solving scheme of our CAI system.

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CAI, learning system, internet, Mathematica, science and engineering