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New package for effective polynomial computation in Mathematica

Petr Kujan
Organization: Czech Technical University in Prague
Department: Dept. of Control Engineering
Martin Hromcik
Organization: Czech Technical University in Prague
Department: Centre for Applied Cybernetics
Michael Sebek
Organization: Czech Technical University
Department: Centre for Applied Cybernetics
Journal / Anthology

11th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation (MEDí03)
Year: 2003

This report describes our work on implementation of effective numerical routines for polynomials and polynomial matrices in the Mathematica software. Such operations are recalled during the controller design process if the so called polynomial or algebraic design methods are employed. This research is also motivated by the fact that Mathematica developers pay attention to control engineers needs and produce the Control System Professional package for use with Mathematica and, as we believe, a set of routes for algebraic approach could conveniently complement the existing bunch of programs primarily intended for state-space representations.

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