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Probability and Mathematica

Lennart Råde
Journal / Anthology

Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics, Addison-Wesley
Year: 1993
Page range: 142-146

Mathematica is a system for doing mathematics by computer. It will here be discussed how Mathematica also can be used as a system for doing probability by computer. (Mathematica can also be used for doing statistics by computer but that will not be discussed here.) In a course on computational methods in probability and statistics, the author has introduced Mathematica to the students. After a short lecture on Mathematica the students have on their own worked through a sequence of 80 exercises and in such a way learned how to use the system in a concrete and challenging way. An essential principle when learning a system like Mathematica is "learning by doing." Next year a special booklet, written by the Author, see (4), will be used. This booklet contains the exercises but also some preliminary examples on the use of Mathematica in probability nd also some explorations at length with Mathematica of five different probabilistic situations. In the following we give three different examples on the use of Mathematica in probability.

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