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A Mathematica Package for CAGD and Computer Graphics

Andrés Iglesias
Organization: University of Cantabria
Department: Department of Applied Mathematics and Computational Science
Flabio Gutiérrez
Organization: University of Cantabria, Santander, Spain; National University of Piura, Peru
Akemi Gálvez
Organization: University of Cantabria, Santander, Spain
Journal / Anthology

SIGGRAPH Annual Conference: Graphics and Visualization Education 1999
Year: 1999

This paper introduces a Mathematica package for learning and teaching computer-aided geometric design (CAGD). The package incorporates commands for the treatment of the most usual curves and surfaces in CAGD (Bézier, B-spline, rationals, etc.). The powerful symbolic and graphical Mathematica capabilities, the functional and pattern recgnition programming, and the Mathematica visualization environment have been extensively applied to get a user-friendly, didactic, and powerful tool for education, with applications in such areas as CAGD and computer graphics. Some illustrative examples shwing the performance of the package are also given.

*Applied Mathematics > Visualization
*Wolfram Technology > Programming > 2D Graphics
*Wolfram Technology > Programming > 3D Graphics

symbolic programming, visualization, computer graphics, CAGD