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A Novel Approach to the Analysis of Dendritic Transients

Hagai Agmon-Snir
Journal / Anthology

Ph.D. Thesis, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Year: 1994

A novel theoretical framework for analyzing dendritic transients is introduced. This approach, called the method of moments, is an extension of Rall's cable theory for dendrites. It provides analytical investigation of voltage attenuation, signal delay and synchronization problems in passive dendritic trees. In the method of moments, the strength of the voltage-response (its effectiveness at the target site) is measured by the time-integral of the signal (the 0th moment of the signal), the characteristic time of the signal is determined by the signal's centroid ("center of gravity", calculated by the ratio between the 1st moment and the 0th moment of the signal) and the width of the signal is determined by a measure similar to the standard deviation in probability theory(defined using the 0th, 1st and 2nd moments of the signal).

*Engineering > Electrical Engineering