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Cinematic Thinking and Mathematica Notebooks

Steven R. Dunbar
Organization: University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Department: Department of Mathematics and Statistics
URL: http://www.math.unl.edu/~sdunbar/
David Fowler
Organization: University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Journal / Anthology

Mathematica in Education
Year: 1991
Volume: 1
Issue: 2
Page range: 3-8

The Mathematica Notebook is a new educational medium, different from the traditional classroom lecture, and different from a textbook, although a Notebook contains elements of both. The purpose of this article is to discuss some of the differences we have discovered between Notebooks, texts, and lectures: to make an analogy between the writing of Notebooks and the creation of motion pictures: and to argue that the authors of Notebooks need to be mindful of the analogy in order to create an interesting and useful result. We illustrate these as with lessons learned from Notebooks we are currently writing about the Cantor set.

*Education > Precollege