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Review of RiskQ: an interactive approach to probability, uncertainty, and statistics for use with Mathematica

D. M. Murray
D. E. Burmaster
Journal / Anthology

Risk Analysis
Year: 1993
Volume: 13
Issue: 4
Page range: 479-482

RiskQ is a computer program designed to enable users to perform analyses involving probability, uncertainty, and statistics. It is written in the Mathematica programming language. Therein lies both its greatest advantage and disadvantage, for anyone who has used it knows, Mathematica is a tremendously powerful tool. Performing probabilistic and statistical analyses with all the features of Mathematica at hand can be of great benefit. Unfortunately, the nature of the RiskQ and the Mathematica environment is also RiskQ's Achilles heel. Use of RiskQ requires experience with Mathematica. Furthermore, potential users will find RiskQ to be far more powerful, but far less "user friendly," than some of the commercially available programs such as Crystal Ball and @Risk. RiskQ is for individuals who have experience with Mathematica and a good working knowledge of probabilistic and statistical concepts. With these important cautions in mind, we proceed to discuss the attributes of RiskQ.

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