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Dose Optimization of Proton and Heavy Ion Therapy Using Generalized Sampled Pattern Matching

Kiyoshi Yoda
Y. Saito
H. Sakamoto
Journal / Anthology

Phys. Med. Biol.
Year: 1997
Volume: 42
Page range: 2411-2420

We have proposed a new dose optimization method for proton and heavy ion therapy using generalized sampled pattern matching, where an optimal beam weight distribution for scanning is obtained as a solution. using water phantom models, one-dimensional lateral and depth dose distribution were separately optimized, each resulting in a uniform dose distribution within a target region and minimum dose fall-off to minimize undesired irradiation onto neighboring tissues. Subsequently, we have applied the technique to broad beam three-dimensional proton therapy, leading to a homogeneous dose distribution inside a target and minimized distal and lateral dose fall-off for most convex tumour shapes.

*Science > Biology