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^13C and ^15N-Chemical Shift Anisotropy of Ampicillin and Penicillin-V Studied by 2D- PASS and CP/MAS NMR

O. Antzutkin
Y. Lee
M. Levitt
Journal / Anthology

Journal of Magnetic Resonance
Year: 1998
Volume: 135
Page range: 144-155

The principal values of the chemical shift tensors of all ^13C and ^15N sites in two antibiotics, ampicillin and penicillin-V, were determined by 2-dimensional phase adjusted spinning sideband (2-D PASS) and conventional CP/MAS experiments. The ^13C and ^15N chemical shift anisotropies (CSA), and their confidence limits, were evaluated using a Mathematica program. the CSA values suggest a revised assignment of the 2-methyl ^13C sites in the case of ampicillin. We speculate on a relationship between the chemical shift principal values of many of the ^13C and ^15N sites and the B-lactam ring conformation.

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