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W-subscript-infinity and the Racah-Wigner Algebra

C. Pope
X. Shen
L. Romans
Journal / Anthology

Nuclear Physics B
Year: 1990
Volume: 339
Page range: 191-221

We examine the structure of a recently constructed Winfinity algebra, an extension of the Virasoro algebra that describes an infinite number of fields with all conformal spins 2,3,..., with central terms for all spins. By examining its underlying SL(2,R) structure, we are able to exhibit its relation to the algebras of SL(2,R) tensor operators. Based upon this relationship, we generalise Winfinity to a one-parameter family of inequivalent Lie algebras Winfinity (), which for general requires the introduction of formally negative spins. Furthermore, we display a realisation of the Winfinity () commutation relations in terms of an underlying associative product, which we denote with a lone star. This product structure shares many formal features with the Racah-Wigner algebra in angular-momentum theory. We also discuss the relation between Winfinity and the symplectic algebra on a cone, which can be viewed as a co-adjoint orbit of SL(2,R).

*Science > Physics > Quantum Physics