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Light-Shift Optical Coherent Averaging in Rubidium Vapors

C. Bowers
G. Wäckerle
M. Mehring
Journal / Anthology

Physical Review A
Year: 1992
Volume: 46
Page range: 7042-7047

The sublevel time-domain magnetic-resonance signal is calculated for 85Rb atoms subjected to static or coherently modulated light-shift fields. We predict and experimentally confirm that the observed light shift may be scaled down by coherent light-shift modulation. We submit that the inhomogenous light-shift broadening may be removed by this purely optical form of coherent averaging, which is referred to as the "light-shift concertina." Our expressions also indicate that the velocity-changing collisions of atoms in a static light-shift field can cause narrowing of the magnetic-resonance line shape in a manner analogous to the effect of electronic exchange or molecular motion.

*Science > Physics > Nuclear and Particle Physics