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Device-Directed Rendering

A. Glassner
K. Fishkin
D. Marimont
M. Stone
Journal / Anthology

ACM Transactions on Graphics
Year: 1995
Volume: 14
Issue: 2
Page range: 58-76

Rendering systems can produce images that include the entire range of visible colors. Imaging hardware, however, can reproduce only a subset of these colors: the device gamut. An image can only be correctly displayed if all of its colors lie inside of the gamut of the target device. Current solutions to this problem are either to correct the scene colors by hand, or to apply gamut mapping techniques to the final image. We propose a methodology called device-directed rendering that performs scene color adjustments automatically. Device-directed rendering applies classic minimization techniques to a symbolic representation of the image that describes the relationship of the scene lights and surfaces to the pixel colors. This representation can then be evaluated to produce an image that is guaranteed to be in gamut. Although our primary application has been correcting out-of gamut colors, this methodology can be generally applied to the problem of adjusting a scene description to accommodate constraints on the output image pixel values. Key words: constrained color selection, device-independent color, inverse problems.

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