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Symbolic Approach to Inverse Problems in Method of Moments

M. Analoui
Mitsushi Fujimoto
Organization: Fukuoka University of Education
Department: Department of Information Education
Y. Kagawa
Journal / Anthology

International Journal of Numerical Modelling
Year: 1994
Volume: 7
Page range: 399-405

Symbolic computational systems introduce some unique features in computational engineering. There have been several papers published on the solution of differential equations under given boundary conditions by symbolic systems. The finite element formalism has received prime attention in the course of development of symbolic computation in engineering. The main idea has been to develop a symbolic FEM package to reduce the burden of manual algebra, eliminate errors introduced by numerical quadrature, and improve the efficiency of element generation. This work discusses a symbolic solution to electromagnetic linear antenna problems. The solution is a method of moments that transforms Pocklington's integral equation to a matrix equation. The symbolic system is used to produce (1) analytical integration, (2) the parametric expression for the input impedance and (3) computational code for forward and reverse problem of the input impedance.

*Engineering > Mechanical and Structural Engineering