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Using student feedback to improve instruction in engineering calculus

B. M. Moskal
Journal / Anthology

ISBN - 0 7803 6424 4 - 30th Annual Frontiers in Education Conference. Building on A Century of Progress in Engineering Education. Conference Proceedings (IEEE Cat. No.00CH37135). Stripes Publishing -- 30th Annual Frontiers in Education Conference. Buil
Year: 2000
Volume: 2
Page range: F3A/1-F3A/7

The purpose of this paper is to describe and evaluate the instructional techniques that were used in a two-course sequence of engineering calculus. These techniques included a course Web site that contained solutions to exams from prior years, course notes and solutions to quizzes. Manipulatives, Mathematica and group work were also incorporated into the original design.

*Mathematics > Calculus and Analysis > Calculus

assessment, evaluation, classroom research, mathematics