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Mathematical Modelling of the Transient Behaviour of CSTRs with Reactive Particulates: Part 1--The Population Balance Framework

D. Rubisov
V. Papangelakis
Journal / Anthology

Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering
Year: 1996
Volume: 74
Page range: 353-362

The population balance model appears to be the best approach to model particulate systems where multiple heterogeneous reactions occur. This work demonstrates a mathematical formulation that is based on the population balance model, and aims at simulating the non steady-state behavior of a single-stage CSTR under isothermal operation. The chemical reaction system is a typical example from the field of hydrometallurgy with two parallel reactions, one being leaching, the other precipitation with simultaneous reactant regeneration. The solution of the resulting system of the partial and ordinary differential equations is achieved by combining the moment transformation of the population balance equations with the numerical method of lines, using the Mathematica software. Finally, examples are given for a reactor startup in two cases: a single leaching reaction, an simultaneous leaching and precipitation reactions. In the first case, the difference between simultaneous and dequential feeding in achieving steady-state is also discussed.

*Science > Chemistry